Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Monday, July 23, 2012

hating someone?

bonjour! :D
long time no blogging, I'm certainly in a huge boredom(read: long holiday) and nothing to do!
so I actually have nothing to give you here
days and days past and now I realized holiday is not that fun when you have a loooong time and no money
this is so damn sarcastic 'cause this is what I prayed for in several months ago
haha. let's admit it, it's just human nature
human will always want what they don't have at present
like this time, I want some routines
back then when I still have those routines like studying etc., I really want this holiday
I bet 2 months later when I really start my college day I will be missing these days with its laziness

anywaaaaay, I certainly hate someone who I haven't even met.
how could this even possible people?
well, I hate everything about her
I hate her tweets, I hate her attitude, I even hate her face on her DP and avatar
is this normal?
she could be one of my friends in college and I hate her already?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

goodbye highschool, say hello to COLLEGE!

hello everyone! long time no post here.
I finally can tell you all proudly that I have graduated from high school!
yes yes yes, big applause! my exam score is not that high: 53.30 of 60.00
but I certainly so proud of it 'cause I did it myself, yeah!

then good news keep coming up, I GOT INTO ITS !!!!!!
I've told you before that I applied to Chemical Engineering of ITS (Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember) and God give me His grace YEAH!!!

THANK GOD I got into it without even take any other test so yeah, I have my luck this year :D
you know, there's so many other graduated high-school-ers like me who found it extremely hard to get into any college, so I'm really thankful for this
geeeez I'm so EXCITED!!!!
I'm goin' to be one of that SURABAYA PEOPLE.
yes, I'm really excited,
that means I will be 2 hours away from my boyfriend :(((((
ain't that sad??
everybody knows that it's really hard to stay on a Long Distance Relationship.....
some says that 2 hours is not that far, but.............
we used to be 30minutes away.
it is like 4 times longer!!!!!!!

that's the problem.
apart from how I really fascinated about pursuing my dream,
there's a part of me which really wanna stay here, in Malang
with everyone I care about and everyone who cares about me
but yes, I'm aware this is a part of pursuing dreams: SACRIFICE

of course, I love my Achmad Joddy Chandra Alfani and I don't wanna lose him
I enjoy every second of hanging out with my beloved friends here
but yes, I will move out.  
I'll start living in SURABAYA from July 27th.

I'm so saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad :(((
oh God please help me!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

my youtube account PREMIERE!!!

well, everybody knows my voice sucks.
but just like jus***bie***, I might be the next youtube's sensational LOL
his voice isn't really that great ya see. hahaha no offense.
so let me say it straight.................

THIS IS MY YOUTUBE ACCOUNT -or channel, I don't really get this ROTFL-

see? can you see that link? CLICK THAT !!!!
I have posted a video, me covering A THOUSAND MILEs
I'll post some more, so be ready people!

this is another link if you want to see my first cover without seeing my account
yeah I know anyone could be that lazy to not have a desire seeing my account(who the hell I am anyway)
so here you go:

ENJOY!!!!! :D

Thursday, May 3, 2012

hello again you all!

hellooooooo everyone there!
long time no blogging
and I'm so proud to tell you all that ... I FINALLY FINISHED MY EXAM!!
well, I haven't got the result but, yeah, I'm pretty happy with what I've done.
so here I am stuck in the middle of boredom with nothing to do  LOL
I probably sounds crazy but I really miss those day when I wake up early, get dressed with those stupid uniforms, and get ready to fill my brain with some stuffs.
oh yeah I really miss those days..........................
anyway, I should have been in SSC (Sony Sugema College) right now to have some intensive studies for another exam and I don't have any desire to do that. yes, my soul stay still and happy on the bed, not to face another days of exceptionally tiring study.
so I've decided to do those studying in time when I get my desire again for the exam.

anywaaaaaaaay, these are some pictures of me and my bitches if you may concern.
look, look, look !

nice huh? those are pictures we took at a photo-booth in a mall at my hometown.
they are my closest friend at high school.
well, actually I have another close friends but I don't really get what happens between us haha.
oh and FYI,
there are actually some bitches which we hate in my school.
and they hate us as well.
you have no idea how silly things are these days haha
may be I'm too cruel to say this but yeah, everybody can be so much hypocritical in some circumstances
oh, how am I supposed to tell you this........
yeaaaah I just really want to get to the college asap so I can get rid of these things.
wish me luck peeps so I can get into ITS (Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November/ November's 10th Technology Institute) asap!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

tentang masa depan

yahhh tau kan kalau anastasia ayu pratiwi (alias gueh) adalah seorang murid SMA kelas 3?
sebentar lagi mau ujian, mau lulus, mau masuk perguruan tinggi
yang jelas itu semua gak gampang yah. semuanya itu sesuatu.
 terus terang aku bukan anak rajin (hahaha)
 jadi berat rasanya harus merajinkan diri buat ginian . . .
belajar tiap hari itu semacam .... penyiksaan. 

tapi kalo aku ga belajar pasti ujian-ujian jelek semua kan ya
nah nah nah. terus mau jadi apa?
gini ini yang jadi dilema.
mau belajar males. mau gak belajar rasanya masa depan nge-blur.

ya itu karena sistem pendidikan di Indonesia
alias, kalo buat aku, sistem masa depan generasi muda Indonesia
semuanya sama, mengejar hal yang sama: harus lulus
dan untuk mencapai tujuan itu, caranya ada banyak sekali pemirsa

ada yang rajin bukan main. tiap hari belajar, tiap hari les.
punya segala cara cepat buat ngerjain soal UNAS dari les-lesan.
yah yang begitu itu lah.

ada juga yang males bukan main.
tiap hari galau ujian sudah dekat tapi ga belajar.
cari jalan keluar yang lain, yang gampang meskipun ilegal.

nah menurutku sistem ini aneh. banget.
orang belajar itu buat apa sih dasarnya? biar pinter kan?
tapi sekarang itu udah beda.
belajar itu buat lulus.
mending kalo belajar, kalo engga? kalo cuma ikut cara curang?
intinya, sekolah bertahun-tahun, belajar, bayar segitu banyak duit, 
cuma buat satu sodara-sodara : LULUS 
bukan biar pinter.

ga suka aja liat pemikiran kita semua ini
ya iya, aku bilang "kita" 
soalnya aku sendiri juga punya pemikiran "harus lulus, kalo ga, mau jadi apa?"
mestinya lulus atau engga itu ga dianggep kayak gitu
mestinya lulus itu sesuatu yang kita dapet kalo udah bener-bener menguasai materi
bukan kayak sekarang ini
kalo ga lulus dianggep bego, dianggep tidak bermasa depan
makanya semuanya kayak nempuh segala cara
dan anak yang bener-bener murni paham dan mengerti apa yang dipelajari paling cuma 25%
mayoritas kayaknya pake cara cepat les-lesan, atau toleh kanan-kiri, atau 'beli'.

gini ini yaaaaa yang mau aku ubah kalo misalnya aku jadi presiden
yang paling utama yang pingin aku benerin kalo aku jadi presiden
yaitu benerin mind set nya orang-orang.
kembali ke jalan yang benar
biar Indonesia itu tambah maju.
bukannya tambah ngeluarin banyak sekali lulusan-lulusan SMA yang gak mutu
rasanya lebih bahagia kalo ga usah ada UNAS
biar guru yang nilai lulus enggak nya seseorang
tapi ga pake sistem katrol, ga pake sistem kasian
yang murni gitu berdasarkan kemampuan

yaaaaaah, masalahnya ga mungkin ya.
budayanya kita ya kayak gini ini
ga mungkin lah segampang itu ngilangin mind set

ujung-ujungnya aku ngomong yang klise aja dueeehhh
begini : 
doain aku lulus ya semuanyaaaa
doain SMA 3 MALANG lulus 100% ga ada yang ketinggalan
baik yang rajin, yang malas, yang pintar, yang curang
semuanya pokoknya. LULUS :D

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Coba tebak bagaimana rasanya
Tidak lebih penting dari kutu munafik
Yang berkoar pantang memuja birahi
Namun berlalu arogan tanpa malu
Bangga memuaskan nafsu

Coba tebak bagaimana rasanya
Tidak lebih penting dari amfibi bejat
Yang hidup berlimpah harta
Menilai orang tak lebih dari dollar
Menyebar rupiah untuk membungkam ucap

Coba tebak bagaimana rasanya
Tidak lebih penting dari lintah
Yang kotor dan menghisap darah
Bergeliat di penjuru sawah
Memantau mangsa atas dan bawah

Apa salah aku mendendam
Apa salah aku menentang
Apa salah aku muak memandang
Memang aku tidak sedarah
Dengan kutu, amfibi, maupun lintah

Coba tebak bagaimana rasanya
Tidak lebih penting dari

Monday, January 2, 2012

about last december 25th, 2011

yes everyone. CHRISTMAS.
as you may notice, I'm a Catholic so I do celebrate this kind of day

well, everyone knows that Christmas is the day for family
they go to church, decorate the Christmas tree, share the gifts, blahblahblah

and things are a little bit different for me
my mother is a Muslim
my father is going to be one
so is my sister
I can't go to my grandfather's house (which is a Christian) without my father
and there was no clue that he would ask me

so there I was, alone at the church, still praising the Lord on my own
noooooo Christmas tree, no gift, well, Christmas

well I admit, this kind of sad -_______-
I'm just exceptionally pathetic

but guess what, that was still a Christmas day
even-though it was clearly not fascinating

anyway, Merry Christmas everyone out there!
Joy to The World, The Lord Has Come!