Monday, July 23, 2012

hating someone?

bonjour! :D
long time no blogging, I'm certainly in a huge boredom(read: long holiday) and nothing to do!
so I actually have nothing to give you here
days and days past and now I realized holiday is not that fun when you have a loooong time and no money
this is so damn sarcastic 'cause this is what I prayed for in several months ago
haha. let's admit it, it's just human nature
human will always want what they don't have at present
like this time, I want some routines
back then when I still have those routines like studying etc., I really want this holiday
I bet 2 months later when I really start my college day I will be missing these days with its laziness

anywaaaaay, I certainly hate someone who I haven't even met.
how could this even possible people?
well, I hate everything about her
I hate her tweets, I hate her attitude, I even hate her face on her DP and avatar
is this normal?
she could be one of my friends in college and I hate her already?

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