Monday, September 5, 2011


"I am sorry for everything.
I do care if you're mad.

I love you.

the "it" boy
of mine ♥

Sunday, September 4, 2011

lonely night ... *sigh*

I am practically typing this tonight because...
yes, I admit, I feel terrible this night
and apparently there's nobody I can talk to
and that sucks actually

I'm just wondering, how could a single lie could be sooo... hard?
It obviously turns you into a bad liar
and how could it even be possible to just forgive and forget?
that is NOT easy at all

and maybe it is exactly like what people said
when you start a single lie,
you're not just playing your feet in the edge of the pool
you have to jump to it
with your head first

I wonder how a person who looks trust-able
becomes such a liar
and a good one, actually
leaves no evidence, leaves no trace
leaves nothing but the word of lies

and the person really thinks that he/she fool everyone around

well, it's not like I'm talking about someone, or some people
I'm just like, um, blabbering all of this craps out of my head
and nobody even reads my blog anyway, so...

Mayonette ♥

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