Monday, July 23, 2012

hating someone?

bonjour! :D
long time no blogging, I'm certainly in a huge boredom(read: long holiday) and nothing to do!
so I actually have nothing to give you here
days and days past and now I realized holiday is not that fun when you have a loooong time and no money
this is so damn sarcastic 'cause this is what I prayed for in several months ago
haha. let's admit it, it's just human nature
human will always want what they don't have at present
like this time, I want some routines
back then when I still have those routines like studying etc., I really want this holiday
I bet 2 months later when I really start my college day I will be missing these days with its laziness

anywaaaaay, I certainly hate someone who I haven't even met.
how could this even possible people?
well, I hate everything about her
I hate her tweets, I hate her attitude, I even hate her face on her DP and avatar
is this normal?
she could be one of my friends in college and I hate her already?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

goodbye highschool, say hello to COLLEGE!

hello everyone! long time no post here.
I finally can tell you all proudly that I have graduated from high school!
yes yes yes, big applause! my exam score is not that high: 53.30 of 60.00
but I certainly so proud of it 'cause I did it myself, yeah!

then good news keep coming up, I GOT INTO ITS !!!!!!
I've told you before that I applied to Chemical Engineering of ITS (Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember) and God give me His grace YEAH!!!

THANK GOD I got into it without even take any other test so yeah, I have my luck this year :D
you know, there's so many other graduated high-school-ers like me who found it extremely hard to get into any college, so I'm really thankful for this
geeeez I'm so EXCITED!!!!
I'm goin' to be one of that SURABAYA PEOPLE.
yes, I'm really excited,
that means I will be 2 hours away from my boyfriend :(((((
ain't that sad??
everybody knows that it's really hard to stay on a Long Distance Relationship.....
some says that 2 hours is not that far, but.............
we used to be 30minutes away.
it is like 4 times longer!!!!!!!

that's the problem.
apart from how I really fascinated about pursuing my dream,
there's a part of me which really wanna stay here, in Malang
with everyone I care about and everyone who cares about me
but yes, I'm aware this is a part of pursuing dreams: SACRIFICE

of course, I love my Achmad Joddy Chandra Alfani and I don't wanna lose him
I enjoy every second of hanging out with my beloved friends here
but yes, I will move out.  
I'll start living in SURABAYA from July 27th.

I'm so saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad :(((
oh God please help me!