Wednesday, May 23, 2012

my youtube account PREMIERE!!!

well, everybody knows my voice sucks.
but just like jus***bie***, I might be the next youtube's sensational LOL
his voice isn't really that great ya see. hahaha no offense.
so let me say it straight.................

THIS IS MY YOUTUBE ACCOUNT -or channel, I don't really get this ROTFL-

see? can you see that link? CLICK THAT !!!!
I have posted a video, me covering A THOUSAND MILEs
I'll post some more, so be ready people!

this is another link if you want to see my first cover without seeing my account
yeah I know anyone could be that lazy to not have a desire seeing my account(who the hell I am anyway)
so here you go:

ENJOY!!!!! :D

Thursday, May 3, 2012

hello again you all!

hellooooooo everyone there!
long time no blogging
and I'm so proud to tell you all that ... I FINALLY FINISHED MY EXAM!!
well, I haven't got the result but, yeah, I'm pretty happy with what I've done.
so here I am stuck in the middle of boredom with nothing to do  LOL
I probably sounds crazy but I really miss those day when I wake up early, get dressed with those stupid uniforms, and get ready to fill my brain with some stuffs.
oh yeah I really miss those days..........................
anyway, I should have been in SSC (Sony Sugema College) right now to have some intensive studies for another exam and I don't have any desire to do that. yes, my soul stay still and happy on the bed, not to face another days of exceptionally tiring study.
so I've decided to do those studying in time when I get my desire again for the exam.

anywaaaaaaaay, these are some pictures of me and my bitches if you may concern.
look, look, look !

nice huh? those are pictures we took at a photo-booth in a mall at my hometown.
they are my closest friend at high school.
well, actually I have another close friends but I don't really get what happens between us haha.
oh and FYI,
there are actually some bitches which we hate in my school.
and they hate us as well.
you have no idea how silly things are these days haha
may be I'm too cruel to say this but yeah, everybody can be so much hypocritical in some circumstances
oh, how am I supposed to tell you this........
yeaaaah I just really want to get to the college asap so I can get rid of these things.
wish me luck peeps so I can get into ITS (Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November/ November's 10th Technology Institute) asap!