Monday, January 2, 2012

about last december 25th, 2011

yes everyone. CHRISTMAS.
as you may notice, I'm a Catholic so I do celebrate this kind of day

well, everyone knows that Christmas is the day for family
they go to church, decorate the Christmas tree, share the gifts, blahblahblah

and things are a little bit different for me
my mother is a Muslim
my father is going to be one
so is my sister
I can't go to my grandfather's house (which is a Christian) without my father
and there was no clue that he would ask me

so there I was, alone at the church, still praising the Lord on my own
noooooo Christmas tree, no gift, well, Christmas

well I admit, this kind of sad -_______-
I'm just exceptionally pathetic

but guess what, that was still a Christmas day
even-though it was clearly not fascinating

anyway, Merry Christmas everyone out there!
Joy to The World, The Lord Has Come!

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