Monday, November 29, 2010

pessimistic = realistic

am I stupid?
or am I absolutely insane?

I know that we will not be together,
but I love you BIG

we came from completely different world,
different culture,
different family,
different perception of life,
different ways of life

we call our God in different name

how could I possibly thinking, or hoping
that one day, ONE DAY,
I definitely have you?

there is no freakin' way to make it that way

for your information
it hurts
it really hurts
to love and to be loved by someone
who will never be yours ...

you always ask me to be optimistic,
and leave my pessimist thoughts,
but I'm trying to be realistic, dude
though it hurts

I am preparing my heart

when I was saying 'don't go', I really meant it.
and when I say 'good bye' later, I will always mean it, too.
I will, hopefully.

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