Friday, November 5, 2010

past is a past !

please, Sir
you are the most beautiful one
I kinda love you like much
I do anything for you, ANYTHING
as long as it might make you happy
but it was yesterday, long long long time ago

if there's a hope, I'll step forward and remember
if there's an uncertainty, I'll step back and forget

it's dynamic, it's not static
it's stupid, it's not even important

I was not recovered, I was changed
I was not agreeing, I was pretending

it's not a poem
it doesn't have any kinda special words
it doesn't even have any rhyme

it's just kinda my feelings
and I know that it's over
'cause I am moving on
and I believe that this is my 'happiness'

past is a past

so go away, would you?

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